This is how riding horses all started.

Relationship Riding is more than just another riding and training technique with a gentle approach. It is a whole philosophy that changes our beliefs and assumptions when working with horses.

Based on century old techniques, Relationship Riding demonstrates how a strong partnership based on trust, respect, authenticity and love can help achieve your equine goals. The secret lies in True Equine Leadership which is what horses need to see in a leader, not what humans assume they need.

"You may think you are being a good leader, but if your horse shows any signs of not trusting you and/or disrespect andmisbehaving, than you are not the leader your horse is looking for". B A King

Relationship Riding challenges conventional methods and although it is a very natural approach for horses, this technique presents a certain challenge to humans. Letting go of traditional habits and allowing the magic to happen between horse and human is easier said than done.

As far as our equine friends go, once they have experienced Relationship Riding, they very seldom want to go back to the traditional methods used by humans.

Relationship Riding is for every equestrian discipline and every level of riding, for both horses and humans. It is a simple yet very effective technique. Results are guaranteed.

Relationship Riding is a magical and spiritual journey to be shared with a very special animal, the horse. This is how it all started, many centuries ago.