Sports Massage Therapy

Enhance your horse's performance using the therapeutic application of massage and instrasound therapy. Intrasound works on a cellular and deep muscular level and is different than Ultrasound or Infrared.

Sports Massage Therapy is used along with Stress Point Therapy and Instrasound to enable the horse to perform at an optimum level and heal from injuries. Intrasonic sound waves penetrate the body in all directions, stimulating circulation and relieving pain while accelerating natural healing. The waves are also transmitted along bone and into joints, reducing swelling and inflammation by promoting blood and lymph circulation.


  • Use before and/or after chiropractic adjustments for more effective results
  • Increases range of motion
  • Improves disposition and stamina
  • Provides comfort to muscle injuries
  • Enhances the performance and gait quality
  • Improves circulation
  • Acts as a preventative measure, subtle tissue changes are noticed at an earlier stage.


$75 + gst
Additional $10 for draft-type horses

Sessions last 1-2 hours and are not charged by time.