Training & Rehabilitation

Training & Rehabilitation

At the Relationship Riding Academy, we strongly believe that training must be done without any pain, fear and/or discomfort to the horse in order to achieve optimal results that will last.

In some cases, rehabilitation consists of helping a horse get over their trailer fears. In other cases, rehab means helping horses to deal with issues that cause them to have uncontrolled reactions and/or dangerous behavior. In either case, rehabilitation is done in a caring and gentle manner, by listening to the horse and respecting what they are able to accept and deal with instead of pushing for a little bit more. Using the Relationship Riding approach re-educates the horse so that the issues are dealt with at the core. Because it is not a quick fix program the results are there to stay.

All rehabilitation programs are customized for the horses specific needs based on a full assessment. Every aspect of the horse is addressed (health, nutrition, feet, breed, age, personality, etc.)

We believe that it is best to work with horses in the comfort and safety of their own environment. For these reasons, we prefer to travel to the clients stable to work with their horses. We also encourage the horse owner to assist in these sessions in order to carry on the work between trainings or lessons and become an active partner in their horse's education. This approach also empowers each participant with the necessary knowledge to understand their horse's behavior when working on their own and offers consistency to the horse, an important element in horse training.

We offer customized conditioning programs for performance horses that can be included as part of a rehabilitation program. Besides riding, conditioning programs include services such as massage therapy/stress point therapy, intrasound therapy (different than ultrasound or infra red), hoof balancing and barefoot trimming. Rates for these additional services may vary according to services rendered.

$65/hour + gst for Training and Riding

$40/hour + gst for riding only