Riding Lessons & Programs


The Relationship Riding Academy offers private and semi-private lessons for people wanting a better understanding and relationship with their equine friends. The Relationship Riding philosophy is based on no pain, fear and/or discomfort for the horse. The secret is in becoming a True Equine Leader for your horse.  Our lessons are customized to suit your specific goals and needs. Whether you require a rehabilitation and conditioning program for you and your horse or if you wish to learn how to ride and understand horses safely, our certified Relationship Riding instructors guarantee you will have an exciting and fulfilling experience in a stress-free environment, unlike anything you have done before!

Applicable to all levels of riding and disciplines as well as for all age groups.

Private:$65/hr. adult, $55/hr. youth (+gst)
Semi-private: $55/hr. adult, $45/hr. youth (+gst)



Anti-Bullying Program

This equine-assisted program offers weekly, one-on-one private sessions on how to become a strong, confident individual that fosters respect from peers, family members and friends. A step-by-step process teaches you how to break free from the bullying cycle. Ongoing support between sessions available. This program is offered with or without riding.

4-30 min. sessions, no riding: $160 + gst
4-45 min. sessions, with riding: $220 + gst

One-Week Intensive (5 days)

Are you ready to spend a full week immersed in learning how to be the best partner your horse has ever had? This program is offered Monday to Friday and is intended for students that want to experience Relationship Riding to its fullest. The program includes one riding and one training session per day (private) as well as auditing riding lessons, training sessions and/or barefoot trimming that takes place during that week (varies depending on bookings).

Horses are provided.
Students are welcome to bring a horse ($10/day boarding fee)

Cost: $750 + gst

Registration Form: Please fill out and return prior to starting your program

For more information or to register, contact us at 403.932.1241 or email barb@relationshipriding.com

Accommodations are available in the Town of Cochrane, a 10 minute drive from the ranch.


Freedom in Riding

"In riding horses we borrow freedom ..."

Although this famous quote makes sense, at the Academy, we believe that in riding without a bridle, we experience the exhilarating feeling of  REAL freedom!

Learn to ride your horse without a bridle. This 3-hour program will give you the opportunity to experience riding in total freedom and natural movement for you and your horse. You will learn to use a Freedom rein (included) as well as a neck collar, and how to ride your horse without a bridle. This program is beneficial for horses experiencing difficulty collecting, slowing down, those who are behind the bit or fight the bit and are no longer responsive.

Riders will learn how to build confidence and trust, how to improve their balance and seat as well as how to have quiet hands. Even if you do not wish to ride bridleless, the Freedom rein is a great tool to improve impulsion, self-collection and balance when combined with your bridle.

Beneficial for Jumpers, Dressage and Western riders.

All three hours may be taken consecutively or on separate days.

Freedom rein included.
Travelling fees may apply.

Private: $220 + gst
Semi-private: $190 + gst

For more information or to register, contact us ar 403.932.1241 or email info@relationshipriding.com