EASI program

EASI© Program: Riding Through Life

Horses have proven themselves to be an effective asset in teaching life changing skills such as increased self-esteem and self-confidence, dealing with anger, team-building and better communication skills. This program is intended to be more than a simple physical activity or leisure activity.

The Equine-Assisted Self-Improvement program offered by the Relationship Riding Academy addresses these areas of personal development. By empowering participants with life skills that will benefit their personal and professional lives, changes will occur in the way participants think about themselves as well as how they work as individuals and in teams.


This program is for:

Children, teenagers and individuals that:
- have special needs
- are deemed "at risk"
- are dealing with social and/or behavioral issues
- wish to work on personal growth and self-improvement
and are looking to heal through the way of the horse.


Why Use Horses:

A horse's stride at a walk offers sensory input through movement that is variable, rythmic and repetitive. The movement of the horse at a walk occurs in the same planes of motion that a human pelvis moves when he/she is walking. A rider experiences natural movement in their pelvis as they ride. Riding relaxes tight muscles, improves strength, coordination and motor skills. It also stimulates the respiratory and vestibular systems as well as neurological activity. For these reasons, riding may benefit clients with:

- impaired balance

- abnormal reflexes

- impaired communication/coordination

- poor postural control

- decreased mobility

- sensory-motor dysfunction

that may have been diagnosed with:

- Cerebral Palsy

- Down's Syndrome
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

- Sensory-motor/Sensory-processing dysfunction

Unlike Any Other Equine-Assisted Program

The EASI program takes the participant beyond the equine-assisted experience by bridging the gap between the horse and human world. As long as the participant's feet are on the ground, they remain in a position of control and domination. Once the participant climbs on the horse's back, the dynamics change drastically as does the trust and respect towards one another for all involved; the horse, the participant and the facilitator. This alone creates a whole new perspective on self-development, facing new challenges without walking away or backing out of an uncomfortable situation.

Horses Like to Test Our Fuses

True communication between horse and rider cannot be made by force, domination or from a passive rider that lacks discipline and/or guidelines for his or herself. Horses respond better to individuals who are at ease and honest with themselves; assertive and calm, and clearly know what they want.

The Power of Horses

There is a tremendous power that is leveraged when a person's individualism, creativity and spirituality are unleashed. The horse has the ability to gently bring people to this realization about themselves.This pro-active, unique approach to learning and changing habits benefits individuals, in every aspect of their lives, by giving them effective tools to work through their issues and succeed.

Benefits of the EASI program:

Success oriented challenges.

Increased self-esteem, self-confidence and trust.

Increased balance and gross/fine motor skills.

Horse related activities (grooming, caring and bonding with horses) help achieve physical, emotional, educational, social and behavioral goals.

Development of instincts and awareness by observing and attending to a horse (primary tools for handling horses safely).

Development of awareness of self and others.

Non-verbal communication between horse and rider forces the participants to find other ways of receiving and sending information.

Horses are very sensitive to person's inner feelings and the rider must act in good faith in order to get the desired response.

Small groups and private sessions mean more one-on-one interaction with the facilitator and horses. The participant learns more at his or her own individual pace.

Offers a peaceful, safe and nurturing environment for everyone involved.



Private sessions:
$75 + gst for adults
$65 + gst for youth