Relationship Riding Bitless Bridles

A bridle designed with your horse in mind ...

After putting a lot of thought and research into riding horses without a bit, we have designed a bitless bridle that embraces the Relationship Riding philosoph of riding and training horses, using no discomfort, pain and/or fear in order to create a lasting relationship based on trust and respect.

There are may different types of bitless bridles on the market. These bridles put pressure on and around the horse's head to "encourage" direction. One of the most important concepts in the Relationship Riding method is to leave the horse's head alone. Horses do not like to have anyone push, pull, yank or squeeze their heads. We automatically lose the horse's trust and respect when we do this. Additionally, when we start pulling on a horse, they will automatically start pulling back (oppositional reflex).

Horses will gladly follow a lead when it is offered to them and they trust who it is coming from. They quickly learn to willingly follow the hand guiding them around with a lead rope when it is a kind, open hand showing the way. With this in mind, a bitless bridle should offer the same type of "leading" approach, something that the horse understands and is comfortable with. The Relationship Riding Bitless Bridle offers clear communication and direction to the horse without causing discomfort, pain and/or fear. With the reins attached to the cheek straps and a snug nose band with an elastic in the buckle, horses respond quickly when the reins are picked up.

Keep in mind that a horse should be ridden through the rider's body, not his hands. Not all bitless bridles on the market are pain free just because they do not have a bit. Most will put pressure on the sensitive areas around a horse's nose and jaw. If the bitless bridle you are considering puts pressure in these areas in order to get a response, even if it is a quick "bump and release", you are getting a response through pain and discomfort, not through trust and willingness.

WORD OF CAUTION: Not all horses are automatically ready for the Relationship Riding Bitless Bridle. Some horses will need to be introduced to them gradually in order for them to understand and believe there is no pain, fear and/or discomfort coming. This is especially true for horses who have been pulled and yanked on for some time. The Relationship Riding Bitless Bridle was designed to be used in conjunction with the Relationship Riding method, i.e. giving your horse direction through True Equine Leadership and using your body, not by pulling on reins. This bridle was not intended to be used as a side-pulling bridle.

Special Features:
Extra space around the horse's ears, offering freedom of movement at the base of the ear (Western bridle)
The noseband's buckle has an elastic for added comfort and fit.
Reins attach to cheek straps, not noseband, in order to avoid pressure on the nose.
No tightening action around the horse's head or jaw causing pain, fear and/or discomfort to the horse.
Noseband and size easily adjustable.

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2-1 Bitless bridle/Halter:
- buckles on both sides of the crown for more adjustment
- comes in beautiful oiled mahogany leather
- "Horse" size (Arabians to small Draft X)
- reins not included

$150 + gst (shipping not included)



NOW AVAILABLE: English style bitless bridle:

- no snaps for rein attachment for a traditional look
- thinner straps to accommodate the English style
- comes in "Full" and "Warmblood" sizes
- reins included
- Hunter/Jumper (brown) or Dressage (black with raised head/noseband) available
$165 + gst (shipping not included)





"I took my horse for a spin in her new Relationship Riding bitless bridle and it was a success! I can't even explain my relief for no longer having to feel the guilt of riding with a bit. The bridle is beautiful and fit great. She definitely seemed more energetic and eager during our ride. I am so happy to give her this gift. Thank You!"