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Student of The Horse

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TEL In The Saddle: Using Your Hands 

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True Equine Leadership: In The Saddle

Saddle Up Magazine, August 2013

True Equine Leadership: Picking Up Feet

Saddle Up Magazine, July 2013

True Equine Leadership: Leading Exercise

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True Equine Leadership: Grooming Exercise

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True Equine Leadership: Take My Space

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True Equine Leadership: Food Trial Exercise

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True Equine Leadership: Round Pen Conversation Exercise

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Just Got A New Horse ... Now What?

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There's No App For That

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Making a Horse Look Beautiful...

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Relationship Riding: Part II

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(More)Silent Abuses
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Relationship Riding: Part I
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Challenging The Trainer's Challenge
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Etiquette for All Cultures
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Silent Abusers
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What Language Do You Speak?
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Biggest Human Mistakes
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Riding Bitless: Part II
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Riding Bitless: Communicating on a Comfortable Level
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Transferring Equine Leadership Skills to the Saddle
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Trust, Respect & Honesty: The Zone
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True Equine Leadership
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A Step Forward in the Evolution of Horsemanship
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So You're Buying a Used Car ...
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Praise for "Relationship Riding" Technique
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