Clinics & Events

Clinics are suited to all breeds, equestrian disciplines and level of riding. Customized clinics are designed to suit the specific needs and interest of the group. 
Semi-private lessons and half-day formats are also available for smaller groups.

All clinics for 2018 will be privately hosted. If you wish to participate in a clinic, contact us via email.

The best way to participate in a clinic is to host one.
Click on "Clinic Information"  if you wish to host a Relationship Riding clinic in your area.


SUNDRE: June 10,  July 8, August 12 and September 9



Clinic Formats:

One Day Clinic:
This workshop introduces participants to True Equine Leadership. There is nothing like it! When a horse sees you as an equine leader, he will trust you and be the equine partner you have been dreaming of. All behavioral issues are easily solved, from trailering to riding safely on the trail. It is pure magic!

2-Day Weekend Clinic:
Go one step further in understanding your horse. This is an intensive workshop focussed on True Equine Leadership exercises, on the ground and in the saddle. You will learn how to gain trust and respect and how to stand your ground respectfully, just like an equine herd leader. When your horse trusts and respects you the same way he does his herd leader, he will follow you and want to be with you, whether you are on his back or walking by his side. Behavioral issues are better dealt with when your horse feels safe and experiences True Equine Leadership through you.

Animal and Nature Communication Workshop
Learn how to effectively communicate with animals by understanding how they communicate amongst themselves in this one-day workshop. Messages from nature will be revealed to you as you learn to hear nature speak. Practical exercises and communication tools are provided to help build your confidence and skills. Communicating with Animals and Nature is not just for "gifted" individuals, it is a learned skill that is available to everyone interested in listening to the messages that their animals or nature have for them.


The costs for these workshops is determined by the number of participants and location.