Success Stories & Testimonials

"I have been so blessed by all the encouraging and powerful testimonials of people, all over the world, who were touched by their horses and the Relationship Riding method. These testimonials truly demonstrate that horses do understand us, want to  help us and love us unconditionally. I know these stories will warm your hearts, maybe even make you cry, but certainly confirm what you probably already know. I wish I had enough room to share them all with you. Enjoy!" - B. A. King


"Since your book arrived, I have read it twice and much enjoyed the journey - learning all the way. Oh that I was young again and could have known this when I first met horses as a kid. I agree that, ideally, we should leave the horse's head and neck alone. Hints and suggestions at the head end are more than enough and anything approaching the mechanical is to be avoided. With the help of people like yourself, perhaps a day will come when the younger generations start their riding experience with nothing more than a cordo. Thank you again for the gift of your knowledge and experience."

Dr. Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD
Professor of Surgery Emeritus
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine



Lilian and Brandie

"Four years ago, we all fell for Brandie, a 13 year old Arabian mare. She was pretty, friendly and willing. Lilian, my then 8 year old daughter, tried her in the arena. The owner told me she had been a good lesson and trail riding horse. I trusted her judgment and we purchased her. But like many other inexperienced horse owners, after we brought her home, the mare quickly changed and started bucking my daughter off. I plunged into every book, magazine and internet resource I could find to learn how to "fix" that problem. I sought professional advice, Lilian took riding lessons and we even changed saddle, bridle, you name it! We went through ups and downs, moments of joy and crisis. We loved Brandie, but she was still throwing her rider off. Finally, while researching for a treeless saddle to fit my own Canadian horse, I got in touch with Barbra Ann King. We met, we clicked and Lilian and I started our apprenticeship towards better horsemanship through Relationship Riding. We enrolled in clinics and riding lessons with Barbra Ann and things started to happen for Lilian and her mare. She learned how to have a harmonious and equal partnership with her mare, became a better "equine" leader (not a dominant one) as well as a better rider for her and her horse's benefit. They both found a new energy and self-confidence. Lilian learned to control her young emotions while Brandie learned to respect her little friend. Relationship Riding is absolutely magical! I have seen nothing like it out there. Nowadays, Lilian and Brandie can be seen on the trails or at local shows, doing gymkhanas, jumping and bringing back ribbons while riding bitless and treeless. But above all, they bring home smiles filled with confidence! They are on their way to becoming true partners. Merci Barb!"


Sam and Jazz (Papageno)

Today, Jazz and I had THE most incredible ride since we became a team, a year and a half ago. Because today, Jazz taught me the power of ... TRUST.This amazing teacher showed me that henow trusts that no pain, fear or discomfort will ever come from me. Mind you, he's been doing this for a while now but I'm a slow learner!

For some time now, Jazz has been displaying behavior that demonstrates all the trust he now puts in me, but I was too blind to see (or maybe too scared to believe?). He'll stand quietly for ever so long while I groom him and shower his legs, outside and untied, completely free to roam off, but content to stay put. He'll willingly hand over his feet - I never have to ask - and when I run my hands all over his body, he'll gently let me know where lay little discomforts that I gladly massage out for him. And to think that just a little over a year ago, he was a head shy and nervous brute that would startle at the slightest little thing, unable to stay in place for any length of time, not even to eat or drink.

Today, Jazz gave me themost incredible gift of all. He showed me, yet again, the power of trust and taught me that it was time I started trusting too. We became dance partners, and it was the most exhilarating experience I have ever felt. I actually had the gall of thinking I was becoming a much better rider and he was finally figuring things out! As I said, I'm a slow learner.

We finished off our daily workout with a cool downin the field. We were enjoying the sun and the cool breeze of an "almost" summer afternoon. I so wanted to ask him for a canter but this little voice inside me kept repeating that I might just lose control and he mightjust bolt back to the stables. But the urge was stronger than the voice and I softly clucked, encouraging him to trot, or canter, whatever, I wasn't really sure at that point. Then, off he went. After a few seconds of shear panic where I envisioned myself completely helpless on a 1200 lbs speeding wild animal, I suddenly just let go and decided to go with it, to trust him ... FINALLY! Jazz took me on the most incredible, liberating, unique ride I have ever been on. Tears rolled down my face, far out in the field, as I finally realized that I trusted him enough to let go and enjoy the freedom of two souls connecting as one.

Trust, when it is given and received freely, creates amazing harmony and the strongest of bonds.

Jazz and I would both like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to Barbra Ann King and the Relationship Riding Academy. Throughout this past year and although thousands of miles away, Barbra Ann has walked by our side and has helped us find our path. Always she believed, never did she give up on us. Thanks!


Natalie and Bo Rémi:

"I met Barbra Ann a few years ago. I was then finally able to own a couple of horses to share with my daughters. Barbra Ann came at the right time. I had discovered Natural Horsemanship, tried a few techniques on my own resulting in both horses and myself being more confused than anything else. Barbra Ann taught us a way of thinking and riding that makes sense, leading us towards a better relationship with our horses. The road isn't always simple and easy, but Barbra Ann is always there, even if she lives far away. Saying the right words, giving the right exercises to boost our confidence and putting us back on track is what she manages to do at a distance. Slowly but surely, we are becoming better people for our horses and other humans in our lives. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It means a lot to us and our beloved horses. You're my best coach!"


Challenging Traditional Thoughts and Processes

"I just wanted to let you know that, since we've talked over the phone, things are going wonderfully well with my horse. Regardless of what all the professionals around me are saying he is getting better, both physically and mentally. He loves to be massaged and pampered. Although he won't tolerate anyone else touching his back, he accepts me and even pushes into my palms when I stroke him. I even rode him last night, which I haven't done in a long time. I brought him to the mounting block after spending some time lunging him and I asked if I could get on. I promised I wouldn't hurt him and I would get off as soon as he had enough. He stayed put so I figured he was okay with it. I just put a little weight in the stirrup at first and that seemed fine so I got on. He proceeded to walk around the arena. I opted to let him wander at his convenience, a little like when we do liberty work. He walked at a very good rhythm with his ears pointed forward the whole time. I figured that was a good sign. Eventually, after 4-5 minutes, he walked up to the arena door. I took that as my cue and got off. He kind of looked at me as if to say "Already?" I was alone for this whole experience which, I must say, was close to spiritual. Although I was told by my coach not to do this alone and that there was a real danger that he might buck me off, I just new he wouldn't do that. What a beautiful experience. It has brought us closer and our relationship is now stronger than ever. Thanks!"

"I am very happy with the way things are going with my horse. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. My instructor is flabbergasted at the way my gelding looks now, how his head is placed and how well he is responding without any tie-downs or running martingales. Ha! I am slowly convincing the "inconvincibles"! Thank you!"

"I had to let you know that the riders in the stable are now coming to me to ask what I am doing, how I manage to "teach" my horse to play at liberty in the arena with me. Difficult to explain that I don't teach anything ... that if anything, the horse teaches me! Thanks Relationship Riding for opening up a whole new world with horses!"


Testimonials from people all over the world:

"Do you remember me? We talked on the phone and I purchased your book. I just wanted to tell you that things are going AWESOME! I found my authentic self. The day that things really clicked between my mare and I, all the bad feelings just left. What an amazing feeling! She is a true gift. Thank you."

"I was so tired when I got home from work, but wanted to spend time with my mare. I brought her out and groomed her and did some energy work on her belly and she loved it so much. Then I asked her to join me in walking down the road, her first time off the property and away from the geldings in almost a year. She was nervous, but she followed me. She did try to lead me a few times but gentle reminders that I was the leader led to lots of licking and chewing. I felt like a whole new woman and I was actually smiling. That is the happiest I have felt in a very long time. For the first time in almost a year, I feel like I can breathe and that everything is going to be okay. I owe a lot of that to you. Thank you so much Barbra Ann for all you have done for me".

"I wanted to say how much I appreciated your clinic and book. It came to me at the perfect time and I have been playing with the concepts you introduced with my horses ever since and have had some amazing results! I look forward to the follow-up clinic!"

"Barbra Ann, I can't believe the relationship you have helped me build with my horse. He is very different than when I first got him a few months ago and the transformation happened under the awed expression of traditional horse people. Thanks!"

"Thank you, Barbra Ann, for opening my eyes to how relationships should work. Without honesty, gentleness and openness relationships are non-existent. Learning all this from you teaching me with your equine facilitators brought me closer to my loved ones andhelped me conquer my fear of horses, but most of all my confidence and self-worth are back to stay. Bless you, my friend! Keep the dynamics going, we love it!"

"I can't tell you how grateful I am for your visit last week. I was very touched by the extreme gentleness and respect you showed to my horse. I have to say that he is so different now. Even the people at the stable could see the difference! He looks very content and relaxed now. I look forward to our next session. Thank you!"

"Relationship Riding and EASI (Equine-Assisted Self-Improvement) are highly praised for showing natural and gentle ways of association in our world. Thank you."

"Thank you, Barbra Ann, for finding me my own saddle, and for helping my horse and I make the transition to the freedom of a treeless saddle. Every time I ride in my saddle, I love it even more. Not only was it the breakthrough that finally eliminated many frustrating years of traditional saddle fitting problems, but it has enabled that crucial connection that was missing between me and my horse all these years. Our relationship continues to improve by leaps and bounds with every ride. With my horse being in his early twenties now, knowing that I can continue riding him happily and in comfort in the years to come gives me incredible joy and peace of mind. Thank you."

"From our first meeting, I was impressed with your understanding of what my horse needed to mentally move forward, and your ability to connect with him on his level. I look forward to working with you in the future".

"Observing you work with Angelica felt as though I was watching a musician play in a symphony orchestra, being one with the music, flowing with it. You looked like you were one with her, the energy was flowing beautifully between the two of you and there was a communication that happened without words, just like a conductor communicates with the orchestra. There are no words to describe the connection that takes place at this very deep level, like a meditation, a divine connection. Breathless. Thank you!"