Human Team

Barbra Ann King
Founder and Director of Relationship Riding Academy
Located in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
Travels across the country teaching clinics, workshops and private lessons.

Barbra Ann King is an internationally known author, instructor and trainer as well as a horse behaviour specialist. She has been involved with horses for the better part of her life and she strongly believes in improving our relationship with horses by  having a better understanding of what they need from us.

After studying horse psychology and behavior, Barbra Ann learned how to communicate effectively with horses using Healing Energy and Animal Communication. She then started applying her knowledge when working with rescues or with horses presenting behavior problems. Barbra Ann founded the Relationship Riding method and promotes True Equine Leadership which she calls the one solution to all horse-related problems.

With a background in Child Psychology and experience working with special needs children, Barbra Ann developed the EASI (Equine-Assisted Self-Improvement) and Riding Through Life programs which she teaches using equine facilitators. These programs help participants overcome low self-esteem, lack of confidence and anger-management issues, as well as soul searching and finding their life purpose. These programs are available to both children and adults.

Besides offering riding lessons and training horses, Barbra Ann facilitates clinics, specialized workshops, demos and speaking engagements year round, all across the country.

Barbra Ann King helps people wishing to have a better understanding and relationship with their equine friends as well as a deeper understanding of themselves.

"When you are ready, the journey will unfold".


Aeron E. King
Assistant and Associate Instructor
Located in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

From riding the Yukon countryside to being a wrangler in British Columbia, Aeron has learned his way around horses from the bottom up! His passion is feet (he is a barefoot trimmer) and nutrition and uses Relationship Riding to assist in handling horses that no longer have any trust in humans. As Barbra Ann's assistant during tradeshows and clinics, Aeron has learned how to successfully apply Relationship Riding to all situations with both horses and humans.



Doreen Gilligan
Certified EASI Instructor & Relationship Riding Instructor
Located in Airdrie, Alberta 

Doreen Gilligan has over 30 years experience working and playing with horses. She started English riding when she was 9 years old, took weekly lessons and joined the local pony club. She enjoyed over 10 years competing in Dressage, Jumper, Hunter and Cross-Country in Québec and Ontario. Throughout these years she always felt uneasy with the dominance and discomfort that was enforced on the horses but didn't know that there was any other way. When Doreen moved to Alberta, she met Barbra Ann King at the Relationship Riding Academy and learned about the philosophy of no pain, fear and/or discomfort for the horses. This turned out to be the link in her partnership with her horses. Doreen has since embraced the Relationship Riding "True Equine Leadership" approach and became a certified EASI Instructor in June 2014.


Kassia King
Certified Relationship Riding Instructor
Located in Cochrane, Alberta

Kassia has been around horses since the day she was born. She learned the Relationship Riding method and later on took "traditional" English riding lessons in order to better comprehend the difference between the two. There was no comparison for her, Kassia wanted a relationship based on love, trust and respect with her horses. Having watched her Mom, Barbra Ann, transform difficult horses into wonderful riding partners in a very short lapse of time was enough to convince Kassia that there was no other way to train/ride horses. She has used the Relationship Riding method to work with difficult school horses in Germany, turning them into pleasant school horses after only a few rides. Kassia is a talented rider and a very good instructor with a good sense of humour and vast horse knowledge.