Equine Team

When horses are given the opportunity to use their voice, they gladly share information and "teachings" with us, allowing humans to see their true personality and learn valuable lessons. It's up to us to listen.

Azteca mare

As our most seasoned equine facilitator, Angelica has taught many students how to overcome their fear of horses and to believe in a relationship that is authentic and pure. Angi, Gigi, Gige ... she has many nicknames but they all point to one special horse. Whether working with a special needs student or very experienced rider, Angelica teaches exactly what the student needs to learn. There is no better way to experiment Relationship Riding in its true form than on top of Angelica. She is truly gifted and very tuned-in to what she needs to teach.


Azteca mare

This is Angelica's younger half-sister, which is where the resemblance comes from. Although they are physically similar, they have very different temperaments. Athena is a clown and a very curious girl. She is interested in anything we show her. With her goofy approach to teaching, she is sure to make her rider laugh at some point during the lesson. Her biggest desire is to be able to climb into your back pocket, just in case there is a treat hiding in there.


Lulu de Florence
Standardbred mare

Lulu is our "baby" as she is the youngest of the gang. This elegant tall girl likes to make her rider look good as she struts around the arena. Her tall stature (16.1 hh) and elongated trot gives the student a whole different riding experience. She also is a clown and loves to goof off, just like a typical teenager.


Morgan gelding

Here is our herd leader, the oldest boy of the gang. Trinity is a very wise boy and he enjoys peace and harmony in the herd. Whenever the girls cause a raucous, Trinity is quick to put them back into place. He believes life is too short for chaos. Trinity adores young children and will always come to the gate to greet any new students. His soft eyes are sure to melt your heart.



Azteca mare

Brooke is the most recent addition to the Equine Team. Like most Azteca's, she has quite a personality. Brooke is very athletic and loves to take on a new challenge. She also enjoys the company of people and always has lots to say. Her very long mane, tail and forelock make her the perfect horse to practice braiding!


Azteca mare

The Relationship Riding Academy is proud to welcome another beautiful Azteca girl to the equine team. Selena is Angelica's half sister on their father's side. Like Angie, Selena is very good at teaching students to trust and enjoy riding. Her gait is as smooth as can be so learning how to sit the trot and cantering are easy on board this wonderful girl. Selena enjoys meeting new students and loves going for long trail rides.